Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The lads took a trip to Brussels

On friday August 12th Mark One & Jsd from Virus along with Plastic Man , Kiss fm's Logan Sama , Skepta & Jammer , Digital Mystikz and Messiah went to Brussels for the weekend to smash a rave @ the 'Le Gazon' GRIME NIGHT in Brussels.

It was a wicked vibe out there no trouble just good vibes, There was around 3,000 people raveing to the freshest dubplates getting dropped on sets by Mark One , Plastic Man , Logan Sama and a dark dubbed out set by Mala from Digital Mystikz

Jsd , Skepta and Jammer murked the crowd allnight long !!!!!

To view pics from this event then click on the link below.

Heres some pics from the rave

Jsd on the mic

Mark One & Plastic Man(plastic loves all the attention ha ha)

Jsd & Mark One(I think J wanted a reload...!!!)

Mark One

The crowd were really feeling all the tunes we played.

Mark in the mix

Whats the next tune out the box mark???

Jsd 'iam whiter then Cilla Black'

Skepta on Mark Ones set

Jsd getting the drinks ready, Messiah in the background 'hurry up with the drinks J'

'Right lads i just finnished my set where is the bar???'

Jammer & Skepta

Plastic Man in the mix !!

Jsd & Skepta working the crowd



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