Sunday, December 04, 2005


Big voccal from JSD,

Click here for the tune


Anonymous Know this said...

big tune of da manchester ours mixtape BIG ! bigup all da manny mandem repin

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere else to get this track?

megaupload just times out everytime i try and download from there...

10:28 AM  
Anonymous know this said...

hmv but dats tha mixtape fink bout tenner pound star

6:19 AM  
Anonymous know this said...

tenner pound omg lol i mean ten pound init ahahahah

6:20 AM  
Blogger lil_lady87 said...

AY JSD wha gwan...naar im jokin its latisha..aint saw u 4 tym....say hi 2 heidi...yur steppin up yur game now init.take care yeah

6:39 AM  
Blogger lil_lady87 said...

wha gwan JSD aint chatted 2 u 4 tym...yur steppin up yur game now init..i kno u stil got ma numba..nd now u got my safe xxx nuff luv

6:41 AM  
Blogger VIRUS SYNDICATE said...

Respect for all the feedback !!!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous JSD said...

Nice1 for the feedback people apreciate it!! the next city is ours mixtape "the massacre" is out now in hmv (chicken run slang it for a fiver!!)e.t.c featuring another 2 tracks from the sydicate 1 by me over jamrock by jr gong the other the full crew over number1 spot by luda both tracks are heavy wieght!! big up latisha long time no see!! 1

2:31 AM  
Anonymous chainz said...

its a big tune. BAD lyrics man. wen u guna drop an album???

5:33 AM  
Anonymous JSD said...

"The work related illness" lp by virus syndicate is out at the end of may 2006 in all good record shops worldwide i.e hmv e.t.c make sure you support the course.... much apreciated.

3:32 AM  

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